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Portuguese Class

This is a course with individual lessons which runs all year round and is available for all levels; beginners to advanced.
This is a personalised course and is designed to adapt to the specific requirements of the student. 

Private lessons for individuals and groups in the area of Rio de Janeiro (Presidente Vargas street / Downtown)
or through Skype all over the world (for students who prefer the confort of their homes).

General Course ( from 2 to 4 classes per week) focusing on the four main language skills of speaking,
listening, reading and writing, combined with aspects of local culture. 

One hour (60 minutes) lesson for individual: USA$ 100,00
One hour (60 minutes) lesson for two persons: USA$ 88,00

American Express, Master Card e Visa are accepted.
This course can be divided in installments Mastercard , Visa and America Express charged in cards.
On American Express cards will be done in a single payment.

Students who fulfill course requirements (attendance and passing grade) will be awarded a certificate.

If you are interested, please contact us (in english): 

email: marcos.simoes@rhfacil.net
skype:  luciana.borel

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